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Our main product is our online portal to musicians and artists, and the music they provide. We populate this portal in 4 ways, each of which is captured from the live performance on Friday night collecting donations and tickets sales at the door. A 5th product is provided in a studio setting with post-production quality recording.

Tier 1 - 50/50 Split - 1.5hr performance with Live Streaming (1 Camera),
We split the door 50/50 and give you a live stream on our portal MissionLive.TV/live.html. This has only one camera feed for streaming. We archive the stream feed at 1.5mbs VBR stream and keep available online for up to 1 year. See “Live Now” and click on “Archives” for reference.

Tier 2 - 60/40 Split - 1.5hr performance with Live Streaming (1 Camera) with AIF master recording (downloadable),
We split the door at 60/40, ML receives 60 percent and provide you 40 percent of door collection. Tier 2 includes Tier 1 plus: we also capture all audio tracks and post mix the show and provide you a downloadable high quality AIF master file for your own promotion.

Tier 3 - 80/20 Split - 1.5hr performance with Live Streaming (1 Camera) with AIF master recording, plus Vimeo embed on (sharable) with 3 cameras,
We split the door at 80/20, ML receives 80 percent and provide you 20 percent of door collection. Tier 3 includes Tier 1 & 2 plus: we use the this high quality AIF mix to build the bed of your show on a 3 camera video switch in post-production. The final output is a QuickTime 1080p master which we make available on Vimeo embedded on There will be a full show as well as smaller song embeds all which are sharable on

Tier 4 - 100/0 Split - 1.5hr performance with Live Streaming (1 Camera) with AIF master recording, plus Vimeo embed on (sharable) up to 7 cameras,
ML receives 100 percent at the door. Tier 4 includes 1,2 and 3 plus: we use the AIF to build the bed of your show with 7 camera angles (2 Panasonic, 2 GoPro’s, 2 BlackMagic 2K and 1 DSLR), with an extensive video switch in post-production. This is our most attractive tier! It gives your show the best media services available and providing the most camera angles possible! GoPro angles of your drummer, wide audience shot to show a full house, CU of guitar licks! This is the best way to take advantage of our services and give your band the best promotion possible!

Tier 4 w/ Promo - $250 edit - Would your band want a 2 minute promo of the best songs, best angles to use on your own website? We can provide this for an extra $250. Work with our editor and then download the high quality finished promo for your own use.

Tier 5 - $750 daily rate - Studio Session with 24 track recording. Full post-production mixing. AIFF master quality files upon delivery.
If your band does not have an album or would like to begin sessions on new material, MissionLive offers its space outside of Friday night where you can use our sound engineers and build an album at your own pace. We can isolate sound for you and work with you to record your next vision!
This was one of my favorite tracks from the night. Great song! Had to post this again!
Sandy Thailing

Agreement and Use of Material

MissionLive does not provide material for use and protects it from copyright laws under the intellectual property provided by MissionLive, Inc. The only material for download and exclusive use are those listed above which are the AIF audio recording and the promo video if purchased.

We ask that you refrain from screen capture the embed files on our website and use in your own promotion. We can accommodate another agreement if asked and purchased separately.

MissionLive’s primary purpose is to promote your artistry through “shareable” content on our website. The links can be used on your website and viewed through Any use outside of that arrangement is restricted. This arrangement is established to help both the promotion of your band and the promotion of our venue. The more we can build a following of those committed to our venue and the website, the more participants will see the bands listed on our website and continue coming to our venue.

Your agreement to these terms is implied when you play at our venue. We do not ask for a signed agreement, although we can furnish one if asked.

Help us to make this a strong relationship between MissionLive, the bands and your fans by agreeing to this use and following it appropriately. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to your music and vision!

See you at your next event!


James A. Thailing (Sandy)
Executive Producer
MissionLive TV
9901 Roe Ave
Prairie Village, KS 66207
913-568-1093 cell

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