About MissionLive

MissionLIve started as an idea at my last church with me (Sandy Thailing), a young adult pastor (Lauren Vaughan), a worship leader (Jason Hatton) who also co-directed with me in our recovery ministry and my good friend Sam Platt who is a musician/drummer. So you have one person, myself who is highly involved in media and tech because I did all the weekend worship production, live streaming, volunteer management, etc. Then the other three, a drummer, a worship leader and young adult leader trying to figure out how to engage or connect with those who don't normally go to church. So basically that’s how the idea started.

We wanted to combine Music, Media & Ministry! So how can we combine these things into an evening that connects with everyone, not just those in recovery or who go to church and know about ministry, but everyone?

Well, I knew we did live worship well (we do it every Sunday), so why couldn't we use our media and tech skills to reach out to the community. Let's invite local bands and musicians to play and stream it to family and friends. That was a great idea but our venues at my last church didn’t translate to contemporary musicians. It was a pretty traditional looking sanctuary. So we started going out to venues in Kansas City.

Our first one was at Midwestern Music Company in 2013. Sam Platt was really instrumental in getting this show off the ground. We asked two rock bands to play and invited our recovery group and young adult ministry to join us. It only held about 50 people. The bands were called “Dead Girls” and “Dolls on Fire” and a student finishing school at Avila College in graphics arts did the poster. It was awesome!

Then we did 4th Friday Concerts in the Park in Prairie Village which had a range of genres from a jazz band called Moon City Big Band, more folk singer song writer with KC Rain Dogs, and a rock cover band called RipTied. We also held a "concept overview" event event located in KC Crossroads which featured Timbers. Great space! All these shows can be viewed here.

The work though took a toll on volunteers, equipment and editing. All of these I brought at least 3-6 cameras and the more camera feeds the more editing. None of these were shot and switched and streamed live. A lot of post-production!

So I decided to move our concerts into our student center. We added LED lighting and a fast network connection and steamed it with one camera. We did not switch these yet. Three concerts happened in this venue Hard@Play, a worship night with one of our other worship leaders lead by Michael Brymer and a new duo called Groove Taxi (Sam Platt on drums).

So that brings us to 2015. At this point our advisory team led by Dori Brown, Gail Vessels and Laura Jackson thought it would be a good idea to create a 501c3 to receive grants and donations. So I incorporated under MissionLive, Inc on July 21st, 2015! The reason it’s called MissionLive is two fold, first we originally looked at space on Johnson Dr. in Mission, KS, and secondly, more importantly, we wanted it to be missional in its outreach.

In 2016 I put MissionLive on hold during a transition to Church of the Resurrection. I began formulating a new team with the help of the staff at COR, and our next set of concerts are slated to be held in their new Foundry space in 2019!

I'm so excited to be working again on this project! It gives me so much joy to bring these three things together for the music community! I hope you will see this as a great space to perform and play for Kansas City. See you in 2019!
Concept Overview and Interest Building video from January 16th, 2015 at Loft 122.